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Anonymous asked:

What's your favorite toro y moi album? And which of the various components (hip hop, electronica, funk, 90s dance pop, etc.) of his music style resonates with you the most?

All three albums are amazing but my favorite is Underneath the Pine! It has this old feel to it (retro vibe?), like “funky” and “groovy” music that was popular many years ago. It’s different from his first album Causers of This which proves that Chaz is a very versatile and talented artist. My favorite song has to be New Beat and I also love Still Sound, How I Know, and Before I’m Done. Many people find the album cover pretty gross (I don’t understand why, I guess the pomelo looks nasty haha) but Underneath the Pine’s cover art is my favorite of all. Check this out :) 

Spring/Summer Playlist


Darius-Falling in Love


Les Sins-Lina

Toro y Moi- I Can Get Love

Cut Copy- Lights and Music (Boys Noize Remix)

Cut Copy-Hearts on Fire

Daft Punk-Fresh

Daft Punk- One More Time

Toro y Moi-Low Shoulder

Toro y Moi- New Beat + Fare Soldi Remix

Toro y Moi- Still Sound

Two Door…   

I added more music

plsdontdropthemike asked:

Are there any artists similar to Toro Y Moi that you can recommend?

I discovered Toro y Moi from Washed Out, who’s great! I used to listen to a little Neon Indian which is compared to him frequently. Favorite song by Washed Out is Belong and by Neon Indian it’s Polish Girl :)

There’s this: http://www.last.fm/music/Toro+y+Moi/+similar

and http://www.mtv.com/artists/toro-y-moi/related-artists/?filter=similar

and http://www.allmusic.com/artist/toro-y-moi-mn0002138857/related